“Paw-some! Meet the Adorable Chow Chow on Instagram That Resembles a Huggable Teddy Bear with Big Snout and Fluffy Cheeks”

A delightful Chow Chow canine has captured the hearts of many on the internet, all thanks to his uncanny resemblance to a giant teddy bear. The six-year-old dog, named Chowder, hails from the Philippines and is an adorable and “extremely lazy” Chow Chow. His big snout and chubby round face have garnered him thousands of social media followers, who can’t resist his teddy-bear-like appearance weighing in at 20 kg. Bernice Lozano, his owner, says that Chowder is an attention magnet whenever he visits the mall due to his cute features. According to Bernice, Chowder’s bear-like features are mainly due to his grooming style, the hue of his fur coat, and the round shape of his snout.

Chowder, six,from the Philippines is a social media sensation. The Chow chow that looks like a cuddle teddy bear has more than 427,000 followers

Chowder, a lovable six-year-old Chow chow from the Philippines, has become an internet sensation. With his cuddly appearance resembling that of a teddy bear, he has amassed over 427,000 followers on social media.

Chowder's owner Bernice Lozano said the pup loved to lounge around the house and eat chicken

According to his owner Bernice Lozano, Chowder is a laid-back dog who enjoys spending his days lounging around the house and munching on chicken. With over 427,000 followers on Instagram, Chowder is a beloved pup who also captures the hearts of people in real life. Everywhere Bernice takes him, strangers can’t help but stop and marvel at his adorable teddy bear-like appearance. In fact, “Oh my God he looks like a teddy bear” is the most common line people say when they meet him. Chowder truly is a stunning dog with features that are impossible not to gush over.

Next to his cuddly toy, Chowder's big snout and round face make him look like a happy teddy bear

Chowder’s adorable appearance, featuring a large snout and a round face, gives off a teddy bear-like vibe that is enhanced by his cuddly toy.

Who could resist this face? Chowder (pictured)  stops people in their tracks whenever he goes out

This adorable little pup named Chowder has a face that could melt anyone’s heart. Whenever he’s out and about, people can’t help but stop and stare at him. They even take photos and videos of him because he’s just so cute! According to his owner Bernice, Chowder isn’t the most active dog around – he prefers to spend his days eating and lounging around the house. He’s a bit of a lazybones, but that just makes him even more lovable in our eyes!

The big dog loves to play with his soft toys, including this tiny Chow Chow, but he also loves to go outside

The large canine thoroughly enjoys engaging in playful activities with his fluffy playthings, which include a miniature Chow Chow. However, he equally relishes the opportunity to venture outdoors.

Paw-ddington! Chowder looks like the most adorable bear cub when he slouches on the floor (pictured)

Hey there, check out Chowder’s latest pose – it’s downright paw-some! He looks just like a cute little bear cub as he lounges on the ground. Take a look at the picture and see for yourself.

While he prefers to stay at home and lounge around the house, Chowder don't mind going to the mall with Bernice either

Although Chowder enjoys being a homebody, he’s also willing to accompany Bernice to the mall without any complaints.

Chowder, who is extremely popular on social media, looks like the happiest pooch on Earth when he sticks his tongue out

Chowder is a social media sensation and always appears to be the most joyful pup when he sticks out his tongue.

Waiting for a treat? Bernice said cheeky Chowder loves to play hide-and-seek during their play time

Looking for a surprise? According to Bernice, mischievous Chowder adores playing hide-and-seek when they’re having fun. But similar to other canines, Chowder relishes his walks and play sessions and has a game that he is particularly fond of. “Nonetheless,” Bernice says, “he takes pleasure in going out for a walk around the mall or beyond the house.” When it comes to food, chicken breast is hands down his preferred meal, while hide-and-seek with his owners is his favourite pastime.

Bernice said strangers gushed over Chowder every time she steps outside, and always said he looks like a bear

According to Bernice, whenever she takes Chowder out for a walk, strangers can’t help but shower him with compliments. They often remark on how much he resembles a cuddly bear.

Bear with me: An adorable picture (above) shows what fluffy Chowder looked like as a cuddly puppy

Stay with me: A delightful image (above) displays the appearance of a fluffy Chowder when the little one was a cute and cuddly puppy.

Good boy alert! Whenever Bernice goes to the mall, people will ask her for pictures of her adorable pup

Hey, check it out! Bernice’s furry little buddy is turning heads at the mall. He’s such a good boy that folks can’t resist snapping pics with him.

Bernice admitted that Chowder (pictured) is not the most active dog, but still loves to play and cuddle

Bernice acknowledged that although Chowder (depicted in the image) isn’t the most lively pup, he still enjoys engaging in fun activities and getting cozy for some quality cuddling time.

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