Title: Heartbreaking Tale of Survival: Unfamiliar with Basic Skills of Eating and Drinking

These little creatures were left at the nearby shelter when they were just five weeks old. They were severely underweight and required assistance from the staff since they were nearly blind and clueless about nursing. Let’s lend a helping hand to the shelter!

At just five weeks old, Venus and Serena were abandoned by their owner and left at a Las Vegas shelter. To make matters worse, they were severely underweight for their age and had to deal with a painful case of conjunctivitis. Fortunately, Ellen Richter, a skilled foster parent with the Nevada SPCA, stepped in to provide them with a temporary home. After taking them in, she was able to identify one of the main reasons behind their low weight.

Ellen decided to investigate the lives and habits of the stray cats that roamed around her neighborhood. While feeding them, she noticed that some of them had swollen glands after consuming milk. Concerned that it could be a sign of an allergic reaction, Ellen took them to the vet for a check-up. She named one of the kittens ‘Venus the Dreamer’ due to her bold personality and outspokenness about being taken in by humans. Venus wasted no time in expressing her feelings about the situation.

Thanks to Ellen’s nurturing and careful attention, the kittens began to show signs of improvement in their health. They were both receiving treatment for upper respiratory infections and inflamed throats through antibiotics and steroids. To alleviate congestion, humidifier treatments were administered while warm compresses were applied to their eyes. Serena was the first to recover, showing a renewed vigor by kneading her paws. While their eye infections persisted, both kittens were well on their way to recovery, though they still needed to be fed by Ellen. Despite the uncertainty of their future, Ellen was heartened when she saw Serena attempting to drink water from a bowl.

Despite still struggling with being underweight, Ellen noticed a significant improvement in her cats’ overall health after two days. However, she did encounter a setback when she discovered that both cats had ringworm. Nevertheless, there was a glimmer of hope when the inflammation in one of Venus’s eyes subsided considerably, and she was even able to use the litter box for the first time. To add to the good news, both cats started eating well and relishing their food.

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