A Canine’s Tale of Triumph: Overcoming a Lifelong Struggle through Successful Tumor Removal

As per The Penguin, Nina was welcomed into Wright Manner Rescue in November following a cruelty confiscation incident that occurred in North Memphis.

A massive 13-pound tumor was found hanging from her stomach, accompanied by two smaller growths along her left mammary chain.

The poor dog was underweight, suffering from high fever, and had a severe skin infection on her hindquarters and tail. It was quite stressful to get her ready for surgery, as the longer we waited, the higher the likelihood of the tumor bursting.

Despite the urgency of the situation, it was crucial to allocate sufficient time for the necessary consultations with veterinary specialists and to carry out all the required pre-surgery assessments. The medical team also had to ensure that the patient’s weight was appropriately managed to prevent any complications during the administration of anesthesia.

The purpose of these efforts was to increase her chances of surviving a surgery that was expected to result in significant blood loss and had a higher-than-average risk of death. Thankfully, the efforts were successful!

Nina had a major surgery on December 8th and fortunately, she recovered well without any complications.

After recovering from her surgery, she was placed in one of Wright-Manner’s amazing medical foster homes. Since then, she has been thriving and doing well.

The results of the biopsy conducted after surgery showed that the smaller growths were not cancerous, while the larger one was identified as a delicate tissue sarcoma, which was unexpected.

It seems that Nina is on the path to a full recovery and will soon be ready to find her forever home. It’s great news that she has a loving family that is taking care of her and giving her lots of affection.

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