The Unwanted Pup: A Story of Homelessness and Judgment Based on Looks

Homeless dog, shunned by everyone because of his appearance

Meet Chata Gil, a kind-hearted Californian from Los Angeles. During her visit to El Salvador, she was appalled by the number of homeless dogs on the streets. The sad state of affairs moved her to help a stray dog that was shunned by everyone due to its appearance. One day, while dining at a restaurant, a hungry dog went table to table begging for food. Sadly, people drove the dog away, calling it “ugly” without any sympathy. Chata decided to go against the norm and offered some food to the dog, despite facing disapproval and ridicule from others. But, nothing could deter her from doing what she thought was right.

Chata couldn’t get the dog out of his mind after it left, so he went on a search to find him. After discovering the dog curled up alone on the street, Chata made the decision to pick him up. However, the poor pup was frightened and worried that they might cause harm to him.

To restore her faith in her, the woman decided to feed the dog once again. Later, she reached out to the Miracles of Love Association of El Salvador to arrange transportation for the dog to a veterinarian. Following an examination, Chata discovered that the dog’s condition was much better than she had initially thought. Initially, she had considered euthanizing the animal to relieve its apparent suffering.

Chata reached out to the Saving Huey Foundation, an animal rescue group in the US, to help the dog she would later name Sal. She had plans to head back to the US in a few days. At the moment, Sal is undergoing medical treatment in El Salvador until he is completely healed and ready to be transported to Southern California.

Sal’s rescue group has been in contact with Tracy Lystra from the Saving Huey Foundation. Tracy is closely monitoring Sal’s condition and taking care of his veterinary expenses through Paypal.

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