The heartwarming journey of a pint-sized pooch who overcame obesity

The inspirational transformation of a small dog who fought obesity

Obie, the small yet overweight dog, achieved something that many humans find challenging or almost impossible – he lost 22 kilograms and is now a normal, healthy, and extremely happy puppy! Originally, Obie was a miniature dachshund weighing an incredible 35 kilos (77 pounds) just over a year ago. He was owned by an elderly couple who couldn’t provide him with an active lifestyle and instead overfed him with all the love and treats they had. This situation resulted in great health risks for Obie due to his weight. A relative of the elderly couple finally intervened and took Obie to Portland, Oregon to be treated by Nora Vanatta. At five years old, Obie was extremely overweight and looked like this:

As an animal science graduate and certified veterinary technician, Nora Vanatta wasted no time in assisting Obie with shedding around 40 pounds.

Nora kept a record of her weight loss journey by sharing updates on her Obie Dog Journey Facebook page. After eight months, Obie had successfully shed 40 pounds and underwent surgery to have the excess skin removed in May.

Do you remember when Nora shared pictures of Obie having fun at the seaside last October? At that point, he had already shed 50 pounds and was looking quite impressive, don’t you think?

On his Facebook page, Obie’s weight loss journey is documented along with his diet plan, which serves as an inspiration for people and other animals trying to lose weight. Nora, Obie’s owner, hopes that his transformation will motivate others to improve their health and overcome their challenges.

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