The Splendor of the Garnet Pitta: A Bird of Unmatched Beauty!

The Garpet Pitta may be shy, but it’s a stunning bird that’s hard to miss. Its feathers are a beautiful mix of blue and garnet, making it a sight that takes your breath away.

The garpet pitta, also known as Erythropitta granatina, is a member of the Pittidae family. It is a medium-sized bird that measures approximately 15-25cm in length, including its short tail. What makes these birds stand out is their distinct purple-blue and garnet-red feathers, accompanied by shimmering blue wing coverts and a bright red crown.

The majority of the females in this species sport a brown coat, but they stand out with a bright red patch on their head and two blue feathers near their wings.

This specific type of animal is exclusive to Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Singapore.

These feathered creatures thrive in moist lowland forests that are tropical or subtropical.

Garret Pittas typically mate from March through August and create nests that are spherical in shape. These nests are often found in trees or bushes, rather than on the ground. The female Pitta can lay up to six eggs during this time, and both parents work together to care for and raise their offspring.

Unfortunately, the Garment Pitta species is currently considered endangered according to the IUCN red list. This is due to the ongoing destruction of forests and frequent forest fires.

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