Luna: The Ragdoll Mix with Enchanting Ocean-Blue Eyes and a Heartwarming Rescue Story

Felines are often admired for their captivating gaze, particularly their enchanting green eyes. One such cat that has captured the hearts of many is Luna. Her eyes are a remarkable hue of sea green that have a spellbinding effect on anyone who locks eyes with her. Luna has become quite popular on the internet due to her striking appearance and charming poses. However, her journey to a comfortable life wasn’t always smooth sailing. Luckily, her owner discovered her on Petfinder and rescued her from a cat rescue organization that had saved her from being euthanized in a shelter.

Luna, a furry Cali native, was born on the 13th of July in 2018 and is spoiled by her doting cat parent. Luna’s owner recently stumbled upon her innate ability to strike a pose in front of the lens. This pretty kitty seems to revel in displaying her allure and sophistication. It’s hard not to be captivated by how her shadow highlights her impeccably applied feline eyeliner.

luna the rescue ragdoll

The owner of Luna affectionately characterizes her as a charming pet who loves to be in the company of her human friend. Luna is never far away from her companion and loyally shadows them throughout the home.

Luna the rescue ragdoll

Just like most Ragdoll cats, Luna is an adorable and affectionate feline. She loves snuggling up and playing with her toys too.

I absolutely love how her charming pink nose matches her delightful pink paw pads so perfectly!

Looking into her mesmerizing eyes is an activity that I would never tire of, no matter how long I indulge in it.

Meet Gladstone, the chief cat at the Treasury of Her Majesty. Aside from her official duties, she also loves to indulge in her hobby of bird watching during her free time.

Hello Luna, I must say that you are one of the most beautiful gray tuxedo cats I have ever seen.

Chilling and relaxing with nothing to do!

Are you curious about keeping up with this lovely individual on social media? You can effortlessly stay connected with her and her striking gaze by simply clicking on the Instagram link provided.

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