Rescuer Mistook Big-Pawed Animal for Kitten in Heroic Act

Several weeks ago, a resident of Quebec, Canada named Mathieu Patry stumbled upon a small creature that resembled a feline on his morning commute to work. However, upon closer inspection, he was taken aback by what he had found.

While hiking along a wooded trail, Mathieu unexpectedly discovered a small furry creature on the side of the path. Initially mistaking it for a kitten, he moved closer to investigate and noticed its distinctive features, including large paws and rounded ears. It soon became evident that this was not a house cat but rather a Canadian Lynx who appeared to be separated from its mother. Uncertain whether the mother was nearby or if the baby had been abandoned, Mathieu decided to leave the Lynx where it was and hoped for the best. Although he continued on with his day, the Lynx remained on his mind.

The next day, Mathieu returned to check if the Lynx kitten was still around. He heard its cries from far away, which made him worried. After waiting for some time, he realized that he had to step in and help. The kitten appeared to be the runt of the litter, and its mother had abandoned it. Mathieu was concerned about its survival on its own.

While strolling around, Mathieu stumbled upon a Lynx close to a tree. Without hesitation, he picked up the feline and took him home. To ensure the best possible care for the animal, Mathieu contacted a wildlife rehabber at a nearby zoo for assistance.

After consulting the professionals, Mathieu received a set of guidelines for nurturing and looking after the Lynx throughout the day. Throughout the night, he carefully monitored the Lynx’s well-being to ensure everything was okay.

Mathieu recounted taking the Lynx to the zoo the following day. As it happened, the Lynx was still very young and would not have survived much longer by himself. Fortunately, with the assistance of the rehabbers, the Lynx is now on the road to recovery and thriving. When the Lynx is prepared, he will be returned to his natural habitat.

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