Introducing Roo, the Feline with a Jump Like a Joey

Introducing the adorable Little Roo Russ!

Meet Little Roo, an extraordinary kitten who was born without elbow joints. Despite this unique challenge, Roo is still a playful and happy feline who walks like a kangaroo. When Roo and her two siblings were brought to the shelter last week, Marnie Russ, a foster who specializes in caring for special needs cats, took her in. Concerned about Roo’s walking, Marnie took her to the NoVA Cat Clinic in Arlington, VA, where they specialize in neonatal care. After an X-ray, they discovered Roo’s condition and created a specialized diet plan to help her build muscle. Roo may be different, but she is still just as lovable and adorable as any other kitten.

The little kitten is just learning how to run, although it’s not the most graceful sight. She’s also getting bigger every day, and we’re teaming up with NoVa Cat Clinic to come up with ways to give her the physical therapy she needs to develop properly.

My dear furry companion, Skeeter, has developed a close bond with her.

Currently, our primary goal is to increase her body weight. She’s feeble and lacks strength. While she does move around the house occasionally, she prefers to snuggle up in someone’s lap.

Roo has captured the affection of everyone, especially Marnie, her foster mom who just can’t bear to let her go.

As soon as Roo began to move around on the ground at NOVA Cat Clinic, I had a feeling that she was something out of the ordinary. However, it wasn’t her physical limitations that made her stand out to me – it was her gentle demeanor and her ability to remain calm and composed despite any challenges she faced.

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