“From 5 to 7: How a Neighborhood Came Together to Rescue Kittens Under Their Home”

A group of locals spotted a litter of five adorable kittens in dire need of assistance beneath their dwelling. However, after a few days, the count increased to seven fluffy felines.

cute kittens huddled

A stray feline was spotted scavenging for food around a residential area. Upon closer inspection, the homeowner found out that the cat had given birth to kittens underneath their mobile home. They counted five little ones huddled together with their mother and asked for assistance from the rescue community. The family was taken care of, with the mom given food and water to ensure their survival. However, they noticed that the cat mom had gone missing after a few weeks, and never came back. The kittens grew strong enough to leave their hiding place in search of sustenance.

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A stray cat along with her offspring was discovered residing under a mobile home by the homeowner. The individuals who found them provided temporary support to the kittens, nourishing and securing them. Eventually, the young ones ventured out into the yard and began using it as their personal playground. To everyone’s amazement, more members of the litter were discovered that had initially been overlooked. Once a foster home was available, the Coastal Bend Cat Rescue (CBCR) informed the finders and organized the intake process. Mary Huckabee, an officer of CBCR, shared this information with Love Meow.

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According to @coastalbendcats, they were anticipating five kittens, but they were surprised to discover seven. Krishna, the foster parent, was amazed by the unexpected number of littermates which comprised six black kittens and one orange tabby. The entire group was transported to their foster home together.

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The seven adorable kittens transformed their yard into their very own playground, which delighted their owner at @coastalbendcats. She warmly accepted them and even made some additional arrangements to meet their needs. As the weather outside was hot and humid, the kittens were glad to step into their new space where they were greeted by a refreshing cool breeze from the AC unit. They were overjoyed with the food station that provided them with easy access to refreshments whenever they desired.

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A group of seven adorable kittens were recently saved and brought to a temporary home for fostering. Thanks to the efforts of the @coastalbendcats organization, these furry little ones, named Ed Earl, Sally Mae, Cletus, Ellie Mae, Billy Bob, Skeeter, and Daisy Mae, are now all healthy and happy. They have been thoroughly checked by a veterinarian and given the necessary treatment.

These furry friends are doing so well that they have displayed clean and shiny coats, an insatiable appetite, and overall good health. Their growth is even more evident, as they are bouncing around joyfully in their indoor setting, climbing on every possible surface, and making the most of their new lives. It’s good to know that these kittens are now thriving under the care and attention of loving foster parents.

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According to @coastalbendcats, the kittens have developed a very playful and inquisitive nature. Mary from Love Meow also mentioned that they are extremely affectionate and enjoy being cuddled. As they continue to grow, they have become more adventurous and even managed to escape their enclosure on occasion. Despite their near-identical appearance, each kitten possesses their own distinct personality, which is indicated by the unique collars they wear as identifiers.

cute black kittens playing

There are six little kittens, all black and almost impossible to tell apart. But one stands out – Cletus, the orange tabby boy. He’s full of energy and loves playing with wand toys. His antics keep his siblings entertained and he’s always up for some fun.

cute ginger kitten playful

Cletus stands out as the only orange tabby in his litter, and all seven of them absolutely love getting head scritches and attention from their beloved humans. These little furballs play hard, but they also know how to cuddle like champs. When they all purr in unison, it’s a truly magical experience that creates a symphony of the most comforting and relaxing sounds.

playful kittens happy

@coastalbendcats shared that these adorable little ones have found their way into foster care where they will stay until they are ready for their forever homes. It’s safe to say that they’ve hit the jackpot with their new accommodations and are sure to live a life of luxury from here on out.

cute panther kitty kitten

@coastalbendcats decided to give their kittens unique names with a hillbilly twist. To make things even more fun, one of the officers from CBCR went ahead and wrote some lyrics for them based on the popular Beverly Hillbillies theme song.

kittens version beverly hillbillies

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