A Farm Discovery: Adorable Kitten Inspires with Determination to Live a Joyful Life

A little kitty discovered on a farm captured everyone’s affection with her unyielding determination to live a joyful existence.

tabby paralyzed kitten

Meet Merida, a little tabby kitten who was discovered on a farm in dire need of assistance at the tender age of 2.5 months. Jillian, the founder of FosterBabyCats located in Columbus, Ohio, quickly intervened to help her out.

Merida was suffering from a spinal injury, which may have been caused by being trampled by a large farm animal, leaving her unable to move her back legs. Jillian took her to a nearby expert and emergency vet hospital, where they informed her that there was nothing they could do to save the kitten.

Despite the grim prognosis, Jillian was unwilling to give up on Merida and wanted to provide the little feline with every opportunity to pull through.

special needs kitten

Jillian stumbled upon a farm where she found a paralyzed cat with her hind legs unable to move. In her search for ways to help the feline, Jillian received support from Dr. Jackie Holdsworth, a specialist in surgery and neonatal care. The kind doctor offered her guidance and sent ample supplies to help Jillian care for the cat, now named Merida after the famous character from the movie Brave. Despite her disability, Merida seemed determined to lead a happy life as a paraplegic feline.

lap kitten

Once Merida regained her energy, she transformed into a spunky, lively, and determined feline. She wasted no time in scurrying around and playfully chasing after the bigger resident cats. Despite her physical limitations, she was determined to prove that she was just as tough as any other cat in town. Her tenacity shone through when she first attempted to “cat” and demonstrated her fierce fighting spirit. Even though she only had two fully functional legs, she still managed to get the zoomies and show off her playful side.

kitten and cat deck

Merida underwent various treatments and therapy to enhance her mobility within the span of a few months. Upon being equipped with a set of wheels, her energy levels surged, and she started gliding through the hallways, playing with her feline companions. As soon as she discovered the game of fetch, she became engrossed in it and began fetching toys like a professional.

kitten on wheels

Merida, the foster kitten, was given a set of wheels that allowed her to zoom around with ease. According to Jillian, the reason behind the success of the wheels is that Merida can do everything with them on that she can do with them off. Her movements are not inhibited in any way as she can roll over, stretch, lay down, climb and even sneak up on other cats. But when she’s off her wheels, Merida becomes an incredible climber, conquering any summit she lays her paws on. Despite her physical limitations, Merida never ceases to amaze Jillian with her resilience and determination to live life to the fullest. For Jillian, every day is a new adventure with Merida, and she’s just happy to be part of that journey.

sweet paralyzed kitten

FosterBabyCats is a caring community that provides a home to cats in need. Jillian, a member of the community, shared her experience with her first paraplegic cat, Merida. At first, she relied on the guidance of many veterinarians to learn how to care for Merida properly. However, after Merida’s 9-month birthday, Jillian realized that she was fully capable of keeping her comfortable and happy on her own. Merida has received treatment from about a dozen vets and specialists, including electromagnetic and light therapy at home. She is currently on nerve pain medication to manage her condition.

kitten friends

Merida has developed close relationships with other foster cats and has become their protector. At FosterBabyCats, she has transformed into a fearless, cheerful prankster who is always scheming her next adventure. Her humans are constantly amazed by her unwavering determination to pursue what she wants. According to Jillian, Merida’s personality has undergone a complete transformation since joining FosterBabyCats. She used to be timid around the world, but now she is a confident, sassy cat who enjoys teasing even larger felines.

tabby cat

Merida has flourished into a self-assured and lively feline since her early days. As a foster cat, she loves lounging in the sun on her balcony, chasing her siblings around the house, playing with door stops, and even using her special mobility device to zoom around with extra speed. Jillian, her caretaker, cherishes every small achievement – like wiggling toes – as a significant victory for Merida. Jillian believes that it is Merida’s spirited nature that allowed her to survive without any assistance during her first 2.5 months of life.

cat wears pants

She dons a pair of pants to shield her backside while she darts around the abode, taking care of the foster baby cats. In admiration of her commitment, Jillian penned a heartfelt post chronicling how the feline encouraged her to learn the art of nurturing and supporting a paralyzed kitten to thrive. Admittedly, Jillian said that it gives her great delight knowing that the cat feels secure and contented. Additionally, she mentioned that the cat exemplifies strength, courage, and determination; however, she also recognizes that it’s okay to ask for assistance when necessary.

sweet tabby cat paralyzed

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