The full spectrum and splendor of the world’s birdlife are on full display among the photos of 10,346 bird species in the Macaulay Library archives. “color is a fundamental aspect of birding—it’s often how we humans identify species,” says Kathi Borgmann, Macaulay Library communications coordinator. “But color is also important for birds, for signaling, choosing […]

The image of a poor feral cat crying in the cold and wet temperatures, lying on the surface of the water in pain, is a heartbreaking one. It’s hard to imagine the agony and suffering that this cat must have endured before losing consciousness. But when one person discovered this cat in such a situation,

  a small, gemlike, woodland species usually found in pairs. its rather large head, long bill, and short tail create a unique profile. also note the shimmering green upperparts and red throat. No similar species occur within its range. it usually hunts from low-to-middle level perches, sitting nearly still before leaping upwards to snatch prey.

Brightly colored barbet with a massive, heavy dark bill. Green with an intricate black-yellow-red-blue facial pattern. Entirely red crown separates it from similar Gold-whiskered and red-throated Barbets, both of which have yellow foreheads. inhabits wet lowland forests, where it forages unobtrusively in the upper levels. More often heard than seen: song is a simple series

Meet The rosy-Faced Lovebirds With The Most Striking Hues…! if there’s one thing lovebirds are good at, it’s keeping you entertained with their beauty. The most beautiful array of colors with combos that will certainly make you fall in love. They are the epitome of true love, as they are monogamous and mate for life

unmistakable; black above and white below with bright orange bill (lower mandible longer than the upper). Favors slow-moving rivers with sandbars, on which this species forms noisy colonies, often in association with terns. Flies rapidly on long angular wings, “skimming” the water with the extended lower mandible. Gives a sharp “kip kip.” RELATED POSTS

It’s a sad reality that some animals fall prey to human-made hazards, such as fishing nets. This was the case for a cat that found herself trapped in a fishing net for three days, struggling to survive. The cat was trapped and unable to move, and it seemed like there was little hope for her

Lаrge trogon, ѕhіmmerіng emerаld аbove wіth red belly. Mаle hаѕ notісeаble golden ѕheen on heаd аnd yellow bіll; femаle hаѕ brown heаd аnd duller brownіѕh сheѕt аnd bіll. іn аll рlumаgeѕ, look for entіrely dаrk tаіl аnd dаrk eye to helр ѕeраrаte from ѕіmіlаr сreѕted Quetzаl. Found іn foreѕtѕ аnd edgeѕ іn the ѕubtroрісаl zoneѕ.

Stunning hummingbird with a short straight bill. Males have a dark blue crown with red, blue, and gold tufted “horns” on the side. Otherwise largely metallic green above and white below with a black throat. Females have a green cap and lack the horns. Found in riverine belts and open savanna grasslands; may venture into

In a world of uncertainty, a tender scene unfolded—a young kitten, hidden in the embrace of a dry bush, waiting with bated breath for the reassuring presence of its mother. Its innocent eyes held a mixture of anticipation and longing, its small form camouflaged within the foliage. The moment captured the delicate balance between vulnerability

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