“Uniquely Stylish: A Brilliantly Ruffled Orange Scarf Sets Him Apart from the Crowd!”

Introducing the Ochre-collared Monarch, a bird that shares some similarities with the Frilled Monarch but stands out with its stunning orange collar.

The ochre-collared monarch, also known as the rufous-collared monarch and scientifically referred to as Arses insularis, is a bird of medium size and slender build. It boasts a long tail and a face that features a striking blue eye wattle. The bird’s belly is white while its chest and collar are orange, and it sports a black tail, back and wings. Additionally, there are white patches on the wings.

The color of the bill, feet, and legs of this bird is a dull shade of grey. The female can be identified by her chestnut-colored breast, throat, and collar, as well as her brown tail, back, and wings. These colors appear less vivid than those of the male.

The particular species of bird can be exclusively discovered in Yapen and the northern regions of New Guinea.

Ochre-collared Monarch - eBird

The bird thrives in environments such as subtropical or tropical forests with high levels of moisture in the lowlands and mountains.

These birds are mainly insect-eaters and can often be found searching for food in the middle layer of forested areas.

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It is believed that the start of the mating season for this particular type of animal differs depending on the location. During this time, they construct a nest in the shape of a cup using fibers that are held together by spiderwebs. The nest is typically hung between two branches at a height of about 3 to 5 meters from the ground.

Ochre-collared Monarch - eBird

The IUCN Red List categorizes this avian species as being of minimal concern. Check out the video below to catch a glimpse of this feathered friend in action.

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