“Two Animal-Loving Vets Tie the Knot with Adorable Rescue Kittens as Wedding Guests”

Michele Bangsboll and Nick Anderson, who share a love for both cats and their veterinary profession, tied the knot in a charming wedding ceremony held at Spruce Mountain Ranch in Larkspur, Colorado. To make their special day even more memorable, the couple invited two of their beloved feline companions – Jeeves and Houdini – to join in the festivities.

The two adorable felines were rescued by the couple from Divine Feline based in Denver, Colorado, where they often spend their leisure time volunteering.

According to the bride’s statement to The Huffington Post, they came up with the concept of incorporating some cute kittens in their wedding photographs to increase the visibility of their volunteer organization. The couple has always been fond of cats and hence chose to work with Divine Feline and make them a part of their big day. Following the ceremony, the couple clicked several portraits with the adorable cats, and it’s safe to say that they stole the show with their camera skills.

The bride and groom kept a delightful surprise to themselves, as they knew it would be fur-tastic. After enduring the cold weather without jackets for some time, the bride and groom informed their bridal party to wait for one more surprise. To everyone’s delight, they brought out the cutest kittens that melted everyone’s hearts. The frigid temperature was quickly forgotten, and no one could resist the cuteness overload. Even one of the groomsmen was hesitant to leave the kittens behind after group photos. Now, Jeeves and Houdini are looking for their forever homes and will be available once they have been neutered and grown big enough.

The newlyweds also exhibited their affection for furry friends through the design of their wedding cake.

The labels assigned to their tables:

The theme even extended to their footwear.

Back in 2011, Michele and Nick crossed paths for the first time while studying veterinary medicine at St. Matthew’s University situated in Grand Cayman Island. They ended up adopting two lovely felines named Bam-Bam and Wiggles from a nearby shelter during their stay there.

Let’s celebrate a day dedicated to the love we have for our significant others as well as our furry friends. Don’t forget to spread the love and share the joy with your pals!

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