The Unwavering Hope of a Rescuer for a Sacrificial Victim with Fractured Jaw and Head.

He was to be sacrificed with a fractured jaw and head, but there was one person who never lost hope.

Despite being sentenced to sacrifice due to his fractured jaw and head, Puppy’s fate took a turn for the better thanks to the unwavering hope of one person. It’s incredible how a single choice in 2016 transformed the course of his life and had a positive impact on the world. This Ohio pup was suffering immensely – he’d passed away at just four months old due to malnourishment and blindness in one eye.

After being found by animal control, the adorable tabby pup was brought to the Cuyahoga County Animal Detention Center where he became quite the sensation – being appointed tsar and all. Unfortunately, the little furball’s face was quite swollen, making it difficult for him to eat or even open his mouth. The vet suspected an insect bite and put him on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Though the swelling has gone down, the poor pup is still struggling to open his jaw and eat properly. Despite this, he remains his usual affectionate self, showering everyone with love and cuddles.

The adorable furry creature was almost given up for euthanasia, but the shelter’s doctor decided to take him to VCA Great Lakes Veterinarians instead. The veterinary doctors examined him thoroughly, conducting various tests such as skull X-rays and CT scans. They discovered that he had suffered from multiple jaw fractures and had a scar on the bone supporting his eye. These results left everyone surprised and amazed.

The situation appeared grim for him as his recovery and therapy were expected to be arduous and expensive, causing him to stay on the euthanasia list. However, things took a turn when Dr. Conway instructed Dr. Danielle Boyd to evaluate a dog called Zar for her veterinary internship in ophthalmology. This was the first time she had encountered him. The moment she embraced him, he softened and acted like a regular dog, notwithstanding his agony.

After putting him to the test, she decided to offer Squish a temporary home for a night to ease his stress from the shelter. Danielle affectionately called him Zar and he dozed off in her embrace on her bed. Although she was preparing to leave for Texas, she couldn’t bear the thought of denying him this one opportunity to experience a loving home and felt compelled to assist him.

Despite her fear of failing him, she did not give up and sought help from others. One of them was Dr. Heldmann, a surgeon who examined Squish upon his arrival at VCA. Fortunately, he had already come up with a strategy to aid Squish, which involved providing him with sufficient support during his subsequent procedures.

Heldmann relieved Squish’s constrained jaw by surgically removing a part of it along with the scar tissue that restricted his mouth movement. The results were remarkable as Squish was able to open his mouth right after the procedure and travel to Texas with Danielle. It brought immense happiness to everyone as he could now eat with ease. However, a few months later, his jaw started shrinking again, and thus another surgery was performed to eliminate more fragments and even his eye, which further improved his condition.

Danielle expressed how emotional she felt when she witnessed Squish catching a tennis ball effortlessly, without having to pounce on it like a cat. Although he had to undergo dental extractions to stop the irritating noise from his teeth rubbing together, he has been content ever since. Despite his unique appearance, Squish has won the affection of anyone who meets him.

Danielle’s furry friend, Squish, recently had a fun day out at her workplace. The staff showered him with love and attention to make him feel valued, and the enthusiastic dog absolutely loved it!
However, Squish’s visit to the office did more than just brighten everyone’s day. He also served as an inspiration for pet owners who have lost an eye due to surgery or other reasons. Squish proved that a single eye doesn’t hold you back from living a happy life. This realization gives them hope and boosts their confidence.
Squish is not alone in his adventurous lifestyle – his sibling Weasel often joins him in causing mischief. Squish loves his life and is grateful to the veterinary team who believed in him.

Thanks to the amazing veterinary team that showed faith in him, he has become a beloved celebrity dog who enjoys a life that most canines would envy. Despite his unique facial features, he has garnered a massive following that makes it hard to imagine that he was once on the brink of being euthanized. As someone who cherishes life, it is heartbreaking to think about the pain and suffering he had to endure before finding a loving home.

Fortunately, he has found the right individuals to connect with and we are now seeking your assistance in spreading his tale.

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