The Tough Journey of a Tenacious Husky: Battling for Life under the Train Tracks

Paws Show got a phone call from an employee at a train station who said that they had spotted a dog living under the bridge in terrible conditions. The poor pup had been there for around three days, according to the employee. Despite the distance of over 100 kilometers and two hours of travel, Paws Show immediately headed out to help.

This young individual was shrouded in a cloud of sadness after being hit by the train. He was a beautiful and strong person, but is now facing a lot of challenges that may make it difficult for him to survive. We are doing everything we can to help him pull through.
Currently, we are headed to the veterinarian’s office. Despite the pain he’s in, the Husky man remains remarkably pleasant and composed. With the incident now behind us, our primary focus is on his recovery and getting him the proper treatment he needs.

Vova is currently at the veterinary clinic and things are not looking good. His spine is fractured and to make matters worse, an ultrasound has revealed that he also has intussusception, a serious and potentially deadly condition, which is being tightly compressed. We have affectionately named him Vova. His situation is extremely challenging and requires urgent attention.

Yesterday, on the second day, Bova experienced two episodes of vomiting after being informed of some news. This made me panic and I was filled with fear since I was worried that the baby might not be able to handle the situation anymore.

Following a period of 20 days, physical therapy was scheduled thrice a week to assist in his recovery. While he was supported in standing up, he remained delicate and vulnerable.

Around 90 days later, he had become accustomed to the wheelchair and though he initially found it confusing, he realized that life is the most valuable thing one can possess. The newborn has been given a second chance at life and will now have a brighter future ahead. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped this little one.

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