The Story of a Resilient Feline: How a Cat with Unique Needs Found Her Perfect Forever Home.

As soon as Eggbert the feline’s photograph was posted on an adoptable list by an Ohio animal shelter, he found a home in just one day. With his charming demeanor and affectionate nature, Eggbert’s appeal shone through in his picture.

Eggbert is more than just a charming cat; he possesses many distinctive qualities that set him apart from other felines. Despite being born without an eye and a nostril, this attractive tabby possesses a unique appearance that makes him all the more special. Nevertheless, Eggbert refuses to let his physical differences hinder him from enjoying life to the fullest. Thanks to the Fairfield Area Humane Society in Lancaster, Ohio, Eggbert found a loving family in no time. The society’s Facebook page highlighted Eggbert’s star qualities, which contributed to his speedy adoption.

“Wow, isn’t Eggbert just a total cutie! At 2 years old, he’s an absolute darling of a kitten. Despite being born without an eye and a nostril, he’s still as lively as ever – although he does tend to snore like a chainsaw from time to time! Eggbert is a big fan of headbutts and chin scratches, and he loves nothing more than following you around like a little baby duck.”

According to the Fairfield Area Humane Society, Eggbert had previously experienced occasional seizures. However, since being under their care, he has not experienced any. In the event that his adopter notices any signs of epilepsy, the shelter will work closely with them to provide necessary treatment and monitoring. It is important for his adopter to be prepared to administer medication and perform routine bloodwork if epilepsy is diagnosed. Although a full workup with a veterinarian did not reveal a direct cause for Eggbert’s seizure activity, it cannot be ruled out entirely.

The Facebook post about Eggbert’s adoption received a lot of attention from animal lovers who were captivated by the cat’s adorable looks. When Holly Starr stumbled upon the post, she knew right away that Eggbert was the perfect fit for her family, which already included Lark, a one-eyed feline that was also adopted from Fairfield. Holly wasted no time and called the shelter the next day to set up a meeting with Eggbert. It was an instant connection, and Eggbert finally found his forever home with his new pal Lark. With Holly as his doting new owner, it seems like Eggbert has many happy and pampered years ahead of him.

Fairfield expressed satisfaction, saying, “We are confident that Eggbert couldn’t have found a more suitable home. He will receive abundant love and pampering!” Often, cats with special needs are ignored when it comes to adoption. However, these resilient felines have a lot of affection to offer. When looking to adopt another cat, it’s worth considering a special needs cat. The benefits are immeasurable, ranging from cuddles, purrs, and soft whisker kisses!

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