“The Jewel of the Avian World: Discovering the Vibrant Plumage of the Sangihe Lilac Kingfisher”

Sangihe is home to a distinct forest kingfisher that cannot be found anywhere else. This particular bird has a predominantly pale brown appearance, but it’s the striking red bill and dark mask with pale flecks on the top border that catch the eye. The bird also has dark wings and a rufous tail, and its dark areas are deep blue even though they may seem black. Juveniles have a duller and browner appearance, with brown edgings on some of their wing feathers. These birds are typically found alone in the shady understory of lowland and foothill forests. Their repetitive descending call, which sounds like “wup-wup-ku-ku-ku-ku,” varies in length and is most often heard in the early morning hours.

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