“Rescue Mission: Owner Smashes Brick Wall to Save Beloved Pet’s Stuck Head”

At times, animals face unforeseen difficulties and require human assistance. A recent incident in Bac Giang, Viet Nam, involved a dog who had inadvertently become trapped with its head stuck in a concrete wall. The reasons behind this unfortunate situation are unknown; however, the good news is that the tiny pup was discovered and rescued promptly. A local resident named Le Minh Duc shared the heart-wrenching occurrence on social media, which garnered considerable attention and support from online users.

He shared the story of how he and his younger sister searched for their missing dog after returning from the market. To their surprise, they found the dog with its head stuck in the wall and unable to free itself. Despite their best efforts to rescue the dog using different methods, they failed. In the end, Duc had to use a hammer and chisel to break through the brick wall and save the little dog. It took him more than 20 minutes to finally rescue the dog, but it was worth it when they saw the dog jumping around happily after being freed. Minh Duc added that the dog is now doing well, running and playing as usual.

The tale of the two siblings who went to the rescue of a lively dog in distress has captivated many readers on an online forum. Numerous individuals have expressed their thoughts about this event. Doan Thu Huyen, an internet user, wrote, “I can’t believe how the dog managed to fit into such a small space and get stuck there. It’s a bit sad yet amusing at the same time. The dog’s face is so cute.” Another Facebook user named Ca Chua commented, “It’s really hilarious! Why did the dog even attempt to crawl in? It’s just being too curious.”

A Facebook user named Hien Hien recently shared a funny story about her dog. Apparently, the canine wandered off to the neighbor’s house one evening and upon its return, went straight into the gap of an iron door. The following morning, Hien Hien couldn’t find her furry friend and discovered him stuck in the same spot where he had disappeared. Luckily, she managed to pull him out unharmed.

One of the commenters on the post suggested a unique way to rescue the trapped dog. They recommended mixing soap with water and rubbing it on the dog’s head so that it becomes slippery and can crawl out more easily.

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