“One-Eyed Kitten Seeks Human Help to Live Her Best Life”

Kitten Born with One Eye Comes Up to People Wanting Help So She Can Live a Full Life

A little kitty that had been born with just one eye, approached a person’s house in search of assistance.

one eyed kitten tuxedo

Ashley from Liberation Cat House received a call for help when a woman spotted a kitten meowing for assistance in her driveway. The kitten had only one eye and some facial deformities. Ashley, who is a director and foster volunteer at the rescue, immediately agreed to help. Fortunately, she had an available space to foster the kitten. Despite her ailments, the little kitten turned out to be very friendly and affectionate. After bonding with Ashley, she crawled onto her lap and melted into a cute ball of fur.

tuxedo kitten one eyed stray

A little kitten with a big heart, who was affectionately named Bug, was found outside a stranger’s home meowing for help. Despite being born with several congenital issues, she managed to survive on the streets without proper vision. Bug’s struggles include an open eye with cataracts, an undeveloped and closed other eye, a single nostril, a cleft lip, and a restrictive ventricular septal defect in her heart.

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Ashley from Liberation Cat House said that even though Bug has poor eyesight, she is still full of energy and enthusiasm. Bug is completely unaware of her condition and loves to play around and discover new things. Ashley added that Bug can easily catch toys and objects using all of her senses with great accuracy. Her specialty move is to rear up on her back legs before pouncing onto her target.

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Bug is one of the liveliest kittens you’ll ever meet! Ashley from liberationcathouse describes her as a playful little furball who loves to jump and hide, and then surprise you by popping out suddenly on her back legs before running off again. In fact, Bug has so much energy, it’s as if she’s six kittens rolled into one!

Despite having suffered from an upper respiratory infection in the past, Bug has been given the best care possible and has bounced back stronger than ever. She’s grown in size, strength, and curiosity, and has become quite the master of her own domain. After a few bumps and bruises along the way, she’s now able to navigate around her space with ease, no longer bumping into furniture or walls like she used to.

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According to Ashley from @liberationcathouse, Bug is a joyful kitten who doesn’t seem to be bothered by her poor eyesight. What really matters is that she’s content and comfortable. Ashley also shared that Bug loves to “assist” her during work hours, which often results in hilarious mishaps like opening multiple calculator windows or accidentally sending nonsensical messages to the entire group chat.

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Ashley from Liberation Cat House shares that Bug is always happy to lend a hand at the office by pouncing on any toy she spots. This curious and fearless feline never lets anything get in the way of her fun. However, when she’s done playing, she’s content to snuggle up with her human on the couch.

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Ashley, who works at Liberation Cathouse, made it her mission to find a suitable home for Bug as soon as she became available for adoption just before the New Year. Ashley emphasized that the perfect adopter for Bug would be someone who is willing to provide her with a playmate and committed to keeping up with her medical needs. Additionally, the right adopter should have the financial resources required to pay for any treatments or procedures that Bug may need in the future.

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Ashley from Liberation Cathouse made a thrilling update today, stating that Bug has finally found her perfect forever home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to Ashley, the new owner has extensive knowledge in taking care of animals with special needs and is dedicated to giving Bug the finest care she deserves.

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Bug is quite curious about the ongoings in the kitchen, as Ashley from Liberation Cat House reports. Apparently, there’s a veterinary cardiology practice located in Pittsburg that will be keeping a close eye on Bug’s heart. Additionally, Bug will have a new playmate in the form of a 6-month-old kitten at her new home. It seems like Bug is all set for a bright future and a happily-ever-after.

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Ashley, the owner of Liberation Cathouse, shares Bug’s incredible journey from being a stray facing an uncertain future to living a fulfilled life.

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