“Introducing a Playful and Vibrant Bird Sporting a Colorful Attire of Orange, Yellow, and Cinnamon”

Meet the little and restless bird dressed in dazzling pastel hues of orange, yellow, and cinnamon.

The rufous-headed tanager is a charming little bird that loves to hang out in open wooded areas and places near forests. You can usually find it foraging for food in groups with other species. One of the most distinctive things about this bird is its olive-green top portions and bright yellow rump. Its head is a beautiful shade of rufous, which becomes cinnamon on its breast. There are also yellow patches behind its ear coverts. The tummy of the rufous-headed tanager is particularly striking, with a golden centre and brownish underparts.

Although the male and female of this bird species are quite alike in appearance, the female stands out with a yellow breast and plain olive-green upper body. Interestingly, the female is often mistaken for the female Guira Tanager due to their similar coloring. These birds are exclusive to Southeast Brazil, making it the only region where they can be spotted.

These feathered creatures prefer to make their homes in areas such as plantations and secondary-growth forests, as well as damp lowland forests. Typically, they can be found anywhere from sea level up to an altitude of 1500 meters.

The rufous-headed tanager is a bird that enjoys a varied diet of both fruits and insects, and can be found foraging in the upper regions of the forest canopy.

During the mating season, the male flaunts his brightly hued plumage to attract a mate. In one instance, a female was observed gathering nesting materials and depositing them into a small crevice located within a group of hanging Tillandsia plants in October. However, beyond these observations, there is limited information available on the mating habits of this particular species.

Identified as endangered, this bird faces a threat to its survival in the only place it calls home.

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