How the Indochinese Barbet Became a Unique Bird Species in Southeast Asia

The Indochinese barbet is a petite bird belonging to the barbet family, measuring around 22 cm in length. Its body is predominantly green in color, with thick black eyebrows and a small tuft of red feathers on its forehead. The upper neck is yellow, while the lower neck and cheeks stand out with a striking blue hue. Interestingly, both male and female birds share similar physical features.

Fascinating Details
The Indochinese barbet is a species mainly found in Vietnam. To spot this bird, one has to look above 750 meters in specific parts of Eastern Laos, Eastern Cambodia, Central and South Central Vietnam. Scientists have recently categorized the Indochinese barbet as a distinct species from the black-browed barbet due to noticeable differences in appearance, song, and genetic makeup. Furthermore, there are two other new species – the Chinese barbet (P. faber) and the Taiwan barbet (P. nuchalis) – that have also been separated from the black-browed barbet.


The Indochinese barbet is a bird species found in the Di Linh region, observed in May 2019.


The Indochinese barbet, spotted in Di Linh in May 2019, is a fascinating bird.

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