How a One-Eyed Cat Rescued Us and Became Our Hero!

Admittedly, we weren’t in need of a pet cat (although I secretly longed for one), but my husband’s allergy prevented us from having one. His allergy was more severe than just sneezing; he couldn’t cuddle with the cat, let it rub on his face, or even let it sleep on his pillow. He would’ve preferred a dog over a cat. However, when I called him while he was on a hunting trip and asked if we could adopt an adorable cat, he caved and agreed to let me bring the cat home. He did make it clear, though, that all responsibilities regarding the litter box and vet visits were mine to handle.

The cat was a little stray that had ended up at my daughter’s workplace, where she worked as a vet. As is typical of strays, he had fleas, worms, and was starving. In addition, both of his eyes were infected, so the right one had to be removed immediately. We decided to name him Jack, after the one-eyed jack in a deck of cards, and because he reminded us of a pirate. Although his remaining eye had suffered some damage and scarring, it didn’t slow him down one bit. He was a wild and crazy cat.

However, something miraculous occurred when he turned one year old. He transformed from being a wild and crazy cat to a cuddly and affectionate love bug. It all happened by chance when I forgot to put away the vacuum cleaner. Jack tried to run past me to avoid it, but he ran straight into it, eye first. I panicked and called my daughter, who then contacted the on-call vet. We agreed to take him in to be seen first thing in the morning. It was a long and sleepless night, and we were prepared to say our goodbyes. But, the vet suggested we give him a chance and remove his eye. We went through with the procedure, and Jack has been a changed cat ever since.

Although he still has his wild spirit, he’s now a different cat entirely. We believe that his remaining eye was causing him discomfort and pain, which made him aggressive. If we had known this earlier, we would’ve removed it sooner to spare him the agony. Now, he’s a happy cat and seems unaware that he’s blind. He senses his surroundings with his whiskers and ears and tracks things by sound. He’s even started venturing into the kitchen, although he startles easily on the wooden floor. He’s as adorable as any other cat and loves to pose for pictures. In essence, he’s just a little stray cat that ended up at my daughter’s workplace and found his forever home with us.

This little stray had a lot going on. Fleas and worms were just the start. He was also starving and both of his eyes were badly infected. We didn’t waste any time and decided to remove his right eye immediately.

While my spouse was out hunting, I decided to make a call and inquire about rescuing a helpless feline.

Initially, we had concerns regarding its behavior as it seemed very hostile, bordering on wild.

Fortunately, a miraculous event occurred when he reached the age of one, transforming him from a wild and unpredictable character to a loving and endearing bundle of affection who always craved attention.

During one of his runs, he decided to try and make it all the way from the far end to where I was standing. Unfortunately, he ended up colliding with the vacuum cleaner, hitting it directly in the eye.

My little girl immediately contacted the veterinarian and we settled on taking our furry companion for a visit the next day. The poor thing had a severe bleeding eye, and we were afraid that it was time to part ways with our beloved pet.

The veterinarian advised us not to give up on our pet and assured us that many animals can still live fulfilling lives without their sight. Taking this advice to heart, we made the decision to undergo the procedure of removing our pet’s only eye when he was just a year old.

It seems likely that the eye was causing him constant discomfort, and this could be why he was so hostile. Therefore, I am happy that it has been removed, and we are confident that he feels the same way!

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