“Half Frozen”: The Determined Ginger Cat Who Refuses to Give Up on Love

A freezing stray cat in his golden years was discovered outside and rescued just in time. The rescuers were elated to have helped him, as he couldn’t stop purring out of gratitude. You’ll be delighted to meet Fargo!
Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, a rescue team in Charleston, West Virginia, received an urgent message one January night about a ginger cat that was discovered almost frozen. They were determined to do all that they could to rescue the cat and nurse him back to health.

According to Dorella Tuckwiller, the founder of IBKC, the organization only reaches out to her when a cat is in dire need of help. When she was informed about a particular feline that required assistance, she was certain that it was an urgent matter even before seeing a picture of the kitty. A kind-hearted individual named Nikki helped transport the ginger cat to the veterinarian’s office. Upon arrival, the cat was immediately wrapped up in a cozy blanket and showered with love. Despite being weak, the kitty started purring as soon as it felt the gentle touch. It was clear to Dorella that this cat was quite old and incredibly frail. In addition to its weak state, the smell emanating from the cat was unpleasant. The feline was taken for a combo test, and Dorella sat patiently waiting for the results.

Due to his condition, there was a lot of concern about what would happen to him, but surprisingly, he was found to be negative for FIV. The team led by Tuckwiller was determined to help this poor creature get back on his feet. Fargo finally felt safe enough to sleep after a long time. Tuckwiller said that “He has been on his own for so long and is so old that he would not have survived much longer.” Within a day of his rescue, he was able to open his eyes wider, eat and drink properly. Whenever he was touched, he purred and chirped like thunder. Fargo was probably a stray for most of his life, and no one knows his true age, but he shows signs of old age. The ginger boy is now more than ready to enjoy his retirement.

Although Fargo’s past remains a mystery, his current situation is nothing short of royalty as he lives out his twilight years with a loving foster family. The family has no intentions of adopting him out, as they see themselves as his caretakers until his last breath. Despite his age, Fargo is doing well, except for having one tooth, which limits his diet to solely wet food. Nonetheless, he adores it! His foster mom, Emiley Schulcraft, describes him as an incredibly sweet cat with a unique purr. When he gets playful, he nibbles at your hand with his one tooth. Though uncertain about how much time Fargo has left, his foster family knows that their love for him and his love for them is immeasurable.

Fargo is a resilient feline who has faced numerous challenges and emerged victorious, using up almost all his lives in the process. If only he could express himself verbally, he would recount his many tales of survival. Despite being small in size, Fargo is a tenacious fighter with a kind and affectionate personality that’s evident in his impressive purring. Fortunately, this endearing old cat has finally found his forever home, where he can live out the rest of his life in peace and contentment.

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