Gazing in Awe at the Radiant Scarlet-Bellied Mountain-Tanager amidst the Marvels of Nature.

The strikingly beautiful scarlet-bellied mountain tanager sports a black suit that effortlessly complements its brightly colored scarlet belly and pastel blue shoulder patches. These birds thrive in habitats that feature montane forests, woodland, and shrub areas situated between 2400 to 3500 meters. They are often seen flitting from one branch to another, searching for berries and small fruits. Additionally, they have been known to hunt for insects, particularly those hiding in bromeliads.

In the mating season, the female bird will lay a maximum of two eggs as the male takes on the responsibility of feeding her while she incubates. Once the eggs hatch, both parents take turns in feeding the chicks until they are mature enough to leave the nest at approximately two to three weeks old. At this stage, the young birds can typically be spotted in open areas such as pastures and around dispersed trees.

While the IUCN does not classify this species as endangered, three birds belonging to the same family have been identified as threatened – namely, the green hooded Tanager, golden loin mountain tanager, and the golden throated tanager. If you’re interested in observing this bird, check out the video below.

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