From Stray to Beloved: A Man’s Heartwarming Story of Saving a Street Cat and Finding a Forever Home

Chris Poole, an animal rescuer from Tampa, Florida, had an unforgettable experience after returning to assist a stray cat he had previously bonded with. During his routine of rescuing street cats and kittens, he stumbled upon a scruffy-looking stray with a missing eye in a local mobile home park.

Chris noticed the gray and white cat returning for food after he brought some one day. The cat seemed to be in dire need of medical care and had a rugged appearance. Chris explained that there was a particular street with many unfixed adult cats and young kittens, making it a challenging location to care for. He prioritized the kittens as they were more vulnerable and began feeding the cats in the area, including Odin who became a regular visitor.

After a few days, Chris gradually developed a better connection with the cat by providing him with food to observe his response. Fortunately, the feline was calm and didn’t flee. Chris decided to stick around and engage in conversation with the cat while he ate his meal, hoping to gain his trust. The kitty eventually started to feel at ease around Chris and became less guarded.

One day, Chris had an idea to try and get closer to the cat. He decided to offer him some tuna and see how it would go. Surprisingly, the cat ate the chunks of tuna and let Chris get closer. As time went on, the cat grew more comfortable with Chris and even came up to nibble some tuna from his hand. This was the perfect opportunity for Chris to start petting the little guy on his head.

Chris expressed his optimism about the possibility of the cat being adopted and decided to formulate a plan of action. He then sought the assistance of Nicolle Thompson, the founder of Chalky’s Cat Crusade. Nicolle swiftly offered her rescue’s aid in covering all medical costs, socializing the cat, and locating a suitable forever home for him.

Chris set up a humane trap on the ground and lo and behold, the sweet feline they named Odin walked right into it. It was as if he knew he could trust them. Prior to his rescue, Odin had been struggling with a lot of pain. But after undergoing an eye enucleation surgery and receiving thorough dental care, along with various other procedures, the sweet boy started feeling much better. He bounced back from everything like a champ and kept his purr motor running on high. All he craved was love, affection, and cuddles.

Odin, a rescued feline, was taken care of by June Albert during his recovery period. He was fond of receiving attention and being pampered, as evident from his loud purrs. After Odin was given a clean bill of health, Colleen Drury took him home to help him socialize. Chris mentioned that during his stay with Colleen, Odin had the opportunity to spend time with other cats and become even more comfortable living indoors.

Odin had been staying with a foster family for several weeks and was now ready for his next adventure. Interestingly, his forever home was already waiting for him. Jamie Kern had been keeping up with Odin’s progress on social media since the early days. She expressed her fondness for Odin, stating that she knew he was her cat from the first picture Chris posted. From the moment she had the opportunity to fill out his adoption application, she jumped at it.

It’s interesting to note that Jamie’s domestic feline Marvel also had a tumultuous past before being adopted by her. She felt a strong sense of responsibility towards the kitty, who she believed deserved a safe and loving home. After Odin underwent several medical procedures and recuperated for more than a month, Jamie eagerly awaited to take him home on Independence Day. Despite the distance between them, she was willing to go to great lengths, even driving across the country, to bring him home.

Upon settling into his new home, Odin cozied up to his human mother and began purring contentedly, as if he recognized that he had found his rightful place.

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