“From Construction Site to Loving Home: The Tale of a Rescued Calico Kitten’s Heartwarming Journey”

On a construction site, a calico kitten was discovered mewing in distress. Luckily, a compassionate family took her under their wing and transformed her life. A few days ago, a group of construction workers discovered a newborn kitten wailing inside an excavator on an active work site in Jamaica, Queens, New York. The kitten was all by herself and extremely vulnerable.

The manager of the building site contacted Little Wanderers NYC, a volunteer animal rescue group, for assistance. According to Little Wanderers, the kitten was found crying loudly after being abandoned by her mother. The rest of the litter had been moved elsewhere, but this kitten had been left behind. The rescue group was able to successfully collect the kitten, who was weak and dirty. Despite her young age, the tiny calico showed immense willpower and vocalized loudly, leading to her successful rescue. Her eyes were still shut, and her ears were folded, but she was small enough to fit comfortably in the rescuer’s hand.

The little kitty was in dire need of constant bottle feedings, prompting Mashaal Memon and her family, who work with Little Wanderers NYC, to step up and care for her. Mashaal relayed to Love Meow that her brother volunteered to fetch the kitten and take her straight home after being stuck on the site for hours. Upon arrival at their home, they made a cozy bed for her using towels and a heating pad while preparing a KMR solution. They named the brave feline Lizzie, who despite being tiny, possessed the fighting spirit of a warrior.

Caring for a small newborn kitten is not an easy task, and Mashaal’s family members came to her aid to assist with the bottle feeding duties. Little Wanderers, the rescue organization, stated that the entire family is involved in taking care of Baby Lizzie and that it has become a family affair. Every week the rescue takes in 10-15 cats and kittens, and the need is immense, so they are always looking for more individuals to assist with bottle feeding.

A plan was arranged to feed Lizzie every two hours, and she was showered with lots of affection and cuddles all day long. The adorable calico enjoyed devouring the kitten formula and was extremely grateful for the constant care and attention. Mashaal, who took care of Lizzie, mentioned that she quickly adapted to the feeding schedule and has been drinking well, growing stronger and more communicative each day.

Mashaal’s sibling is completely in love with the adorable calico cat and does everything possible to take care of her. Once she is well-fed, he places her gently on his shoulder for some quality cuddle time. Lizzie seems to have a special fondness for his beard and enjoys rubbing her face against it, possibly because it reminds her of her mother.

Lizzie is having a peaceful nap in her cozy incubator that’s designed to keep her body temperature constant. She’s got a cute stuffed toy that has a heartbeat feature, which provides her with the comfort of snuggling up like she’s with her mom. To make sure Lizzie doesn’t feel lonely, Mashaal’s mom created some mini pillows that are as small as a kitten, and placed them nearby so that the adorable calico always has something to cuddle with.

Observing the transformation of Lizzie from a timid and inactive ‘hamster’ to a more playful and lively kitten has been an incredible experience, according to Mashaal. The task of feeding her was shared among Mashaal, her sister, brother, and brother’s girlfriend, with each taking turns. Despite the challenge of bottle feeding, it has been a worthwhile experience as the little one is doing well. Lizzie has gained weight and now boasts a cute and chubby belly in just a few days. Additionally, her eyes have started to open.

As time goes by, the calico kitten would have thrived with her new family’s care. Her unique coat patterns and delightful personality would have undoubtedly won over their hearts, deepening their bond even more. Thanks to the family’s unwavering commitment to her well-being, she would have been able to grow into a confident and content feline.

This heartening tale not only showcases how resilient and adaptable kittens can be but also highlights the significance of rescuing and providing a loving home for animals in need. By rescuing this calico kitten from a difficult situation, the compassionate family has given her a second chance at a joyful and satisfying life.

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