From a Bite to Delight: The Remarkable Journey of the World’s Ugliest Dog

All creatures possess unique characteristics that distinguish them from one another and allow them to thrive as individuals. It’s worth noting that every animal is fascinating in its way.

Newt, a young dog, stands out for his permanently grumpy expression, which stems from a deep scar his mother inflicted on him when he was born. The bite resulted in the loss of the upper part of his nose, leaving him with a distinctive gruff demeanor.

As a result of the exorbitant medical expenses incurred by his previous owners, Newt was relocated to the New York Bully Crew shelter in Texas, USA. However, destiny works in mysterious ways, and a new opportunity presented itself when Liesl Wildhart decided to adopt him. Liesl is the founder of Luvable Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary, a haven for rescued dogs looking for forever homes. She gave Newt a fresh start in life, and even gave him a new name, changing it from Brute to Newt. The pooch now happily resides with Liesl in her home in Eugene, Oregon (USA).

Liesl stumbled upon Newt on social media and was immediately drawn to him, deciding to adopt him as her own. She shared adorable pictures and videos of him on her Instagram account, which is where I first saw him and thought he was pretty awesome. As a businessman, I even considered adopting him myself as a furry companion. Newt has two dog brothers named Picasso and Wacku, who used to live with Liesl, and his Instagram account showcases his exciting adventures.

The pooch underwent a period of adjustment after undergoing surgery that changed his appearance to resemble that of an amphibian, but he’s now living a fulfilling life with his owner and fellow pups. Despite being dubbed “the cranky old guy” online, many people find him lovable. His owner is always available to help him with activities like feeding, which he can’t manage on his own due to difficulty getting food into his mouth and the likelihood of vomiting if he eats too much at once, as shared by Liesl with Metro.

Newt and his siblings all have facial deformities, with Picasso’s face being distorted and Wacku missing his snout. Despite this, Newt was welcomed into Liesl’s family of dogs and has proven to be a great addition. He is energetic and silly like any other puppy, but also shows consideration towards the other dogs. According to Liesl, Newt’s owner, these dogs do not dwell on their physical differences and simply enjoy life to the fullest because they are given a loving home.

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