Fresh Feline Fury: Surviving a Clawing, Biting, and Scratching Attack! #ThePetDoctor @Menalcicek

YENİ KEDİ SALDIRISI! Diş, Tırnak & Pençe Yedik! (Cat Attack) @Menalcicek #TheVet

Welcome to a new episode of our Cat Attack Videos series! Our star for this video is Merkur, a beautiful and cute kitten who unfortunately doesn’t like us very much. Like many cats who come to the vet clinic, Merkur decided to take all his frustration out on us, using his nails, paws, and teeth!

In this video, we share some of his attempts to attack us, and we must say, Merkur deserves his place among the top cat attack videos out there. His loud meowing also added to the excitement, making us a bit nervous! Without further ado, let’s watch the video and see for yourself how this little lion shows his claws.

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