Forgotten and Forsaken: A Cat’s Rescue from Neglect and Abandonment in the Wilderness

During my encounter with a gentleman searching for bamboo, he mentioned spotting a kitten in the vicinity the previous day. I assumed the kitten must have taken shelter in the bushes. Sadly, it had rained heavily the previous night, leaving me worried about the kitten’s well-being.


We stumbled upon a heartbreaking scene where a helpless feline was left to die, cruelly stuffed in a bag and left in the bushes. The poor creature angrily hissed at us as we approached.


I’m not sure when the cat was left behind, but it’s now covered in eggs.


As I was heading back home with the cute little kitten, a kind-hearted woman in a car approached me and asked if she could take care of it. Without hesitation, I handed over the kitten to her, hoping that it would have a bright future under her care. Check out the video below.

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