“Fiery and Vibrant: A Buff Outfit with Emerald Accents for a Standout Look”

An adorable bird with a bold and vibrant face contrasted beautifully against its emerald green attire. It’s none other than the Flame-faced Tanager.

The flame-faced tanager (Tangara parzudakii) belongs to the Thraupidae family of birds. This bird features a bright yellow coloration on its cheeks, starkly contrasting with the rest of its head which has a vivid orange hue on its forehead. The neck and ear patch are in black, while the rump displays a mix of yellow and green-buff. The upperparts are predominantly black with a greenish-yellow patch on the shoulder, while the breast and belly gradually shift from green to rufous as they descend. Overall, this bird has a striking appearance with a unique mix of colors that make it stand out in its natural habitat.

Even though the females of this species might not have the same level of brightness in their heads, they still look very similar to the males. You can find these birds in certain areas of Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru that are located in the Andes mountain range.

One can easily catch a glimpse of these feathered creatures in open spaces, on the fringes of wooded areas, or within the height range of 1,200 to 2,500 meters.

Like other birds in their family, flame-faced tanagers have a diverse diet consisting of fruits and insects. They can be seen foraging for insects on moss-covered branches that are level with their flight path. These beautiful birds prefer open habitats such as meadows or woodland perimeters for nesting, but not much is known about their courtship behavior. Flame-faced tanager parents are diligent in inspecting the nesting material near their chicks to keep them safe from parasites like fleas. This helps to keep the nest clean and free from unwanted pests.

A small bird had a vibrant expression and looked amazing in its emerald green attire.

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