“Fascinating Facts About Pigeons with Heart-Shaped Markings on Their Chests”

The Luzon pigeon, which has a red chest and is affectionately referred to as the “bleeding heart” pigeon, is a unique species that is exclusive to the island of Luzon in the Philippines. This information has been provided by Marvell Zoo.

Loài chim bồ câu kỳ lạ với trái tim rỉ máu ở ngực

The Luzon pigeon is a unique species that can only be found on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. They prefer to live in primary and secondary forests where there is little human activity and disturbance. Unfortunately, their population is declining due to habitat loss caused by deforestation, as well as hunting by locals who trap them as pets.

When it comes to their reproduction, not much is known about their habits in the wild. However, when kept in captivity, they build nests and add green vegetation for their young to thrive. Interestingly, baby birds born at just 12 days old are able to fly, even if their tail feathers haven’t fully grown yet.

Male Luzon pigeons have brighter red feathers, which stretch down their abdomen and is often compared to blood flowing down their chest. During mating season, they puff up their chests to show off their prominent red spot and attract females. Their plumage’s color may also change depending on lighting conditions.

These pigeons have short legs, long tails, and blue-gray wings. The black feathers on their wings are iridescent and beautiful. They spend most of their time foraging for nuts, small insects, and fallen fruit on the forest floor. They build their nests on low trees, bushes, or vines, and only fly to their nest when they need rest and sleep.

Loài chim bồ câu kỳ lạ với trái tim rỉ máu ở ngực

Sự thật về chim bồ câu luôn mang vết thương giữa ngực - Lạ vui - Việt Giải  Trí

Loài chim bồ câu kỳ lạ với “trái tim rỉ máu” ở ngực

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