“Exploring the Alluring Black Bee-eater: A Fashionable Bird with Striking Plumage and Unique Patterns”

Introducing the Black Bee-eater

The black bee-eater, known by its scientific name Merops gυlaris, is a beautiful bird that can reach up to 20 cm (20 inches) in length. It has a striking black plumage with a bright red chin and throat, complemented by a streaked breast and belly with turquoise and blue flecks. The bird’s pale blue eyebrows, tail coverts, and rump add to its unique appearance.

During the non-breeding season, these birds have a more vibrant green appearance.

You can find this type of species all over Sub-Saharan Africa.

This feathered creature has a strong affinity for living in rainforests located within tropical regions.

Black bee-eaters are named after their feeding habit of catching flying insects.

There is limited information on the feeding behavior of this particular bird. Nonetheless, it is widely known that bee-eaters are sociable creatures. They usually gather in groups and nest in burrows that they dig into steep sandy riverbanks or flat areas, often near a body of water. Due to their communal lifestyle, multiple nests can be observed in close proximity. Their eggs are typically white and laid in batches of five.

The black bee-eater has a vast range and while there is no exact count on its population, it is believed to be fairly common with a large overall number. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has designated this species as “least concern” in terms of conservation status.

Observe the avian creature showcased in the video presented here:

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