“Discover the Cuteness Overload: 15 Adorable Maine Coon Cats to Follow on Instagram”

Assuming that you have clicked on this article, there is a high probability that you are a cat lover. I can safely reveal that most of us here share the same love for these adorable creatures. Their soft fur, soothing purrs, and cute paws tapping when called for dinner – what’s not to love? Their playfulness at odd hours, ability to fit into tight spaces, and many more reasons make cats lovable pets. Among the various breeds, Maine coons are becoming increasingly popular worldwide due to their friendly and playful nature. They make great house pets, especially for those with children, and they are also known for their large size. Grown Maine coons can weigh between 9 to 18 pounds, with some even exceeding 20 pounds! If you are looking for the best Maine coon Instagram accounts to follow, we have got you covered. Check out our selection below, and feel free to share any other noteworthy accounts in the comments section.


Meet Tiara, Luna, and Lizzie – three adorable Maine coon cats hailing from Norway. These three feline friends have amassed a massive following of nearly 300,000 fans and counting. Tiara and Luna were born in 2017, and the youngest of the trio, Lizzie, was born in 2018 and is currently two years old. These lovely musketeers are taking the internet by storm with their cuteness and charm!

Back in 2018, Laila Hernandez expressed her love for Maine Coon cats, describing them as majestic and resembling small lynx. Interestingly, some states in the US have adopted cats as their official state symbols, such as the tabby cat in Massachusetts, calico cat in Maryland, and shelter and rescued pets in Colorado, California, and Tennessee. It’s no surprise that the Maine Coon is the official state cat of Maine.


Roger, an 11-year-old boy from Bavaria, Germany, has become a sensation on social media due to his striking features. With 29k followers, he shares cute pictures and videos that leave his fans stunned every day. Roger is undeniably a social media darling thanks to his charming personality and good looks.

Stille20 made a comment two years ago about a face that looked strangely human. The comment received seven replies, and there are more comments to view.


Meet Hugo and Nemo, the adorable Maine Coon cats who have amassed a following of over 2000 fans. While Hugo was born in 2018, making him slightly older than his furry companion Nemo who is not yet a year old, they both share a love for playtime and snuggling up together. These majestic German fur-balls are sure to win your heart with their playful nature and irresistible charm.

MagicalUnicorn expressed their admiration for the small lynxes in the given content two years ago. Their comment received four replies, and you can view all the comments by clicking on the option to view more.


Meet the charming Sebastian, a gorgeous ginger feline residing in Norway. This lovely cat was born in June 2018 and has captured the hearts of over 16k followers with his captivating golden eyes. Sebbethecoonis shares Sebastian’s delightful moments on social media, making him an online sensation.

Comment by Dana Grunwald posted two years ago:
Aww, they’re so fluffy!

Maine coon cats are a stunning breed that originated in Maine during the early 1800s. Being a natural breed, there is limited information about their origin, leading to speculations. Some people suggest that Vikings brought them, while others believe that they are descendants of Marie Antoinette’s long-haired cats that she sent to North America before she arrived, hoping to escape there.


Gastone, the feline rebel, proudly declares his status in his Instagram bio as “Rebel Without a Cause.” His 5k followers can attest to the fact that he lives up to this reputation through his mischievous and charming antics. Gastone doesn’t hesitate to remind his “servant” when it’s time for his lunch, showcasing his entitlement with every meow.

Two years ago, Kathryn Baylis commented that the object in question resembled a bobcat. Her relaxed tone and language made for an informal conversation.


Meet Mila and Merlin, two cute Maine coon cats hailing from Germany. These siblings were born in November 2018 and have gained a following of almost 13k on social media due to their colorful and fluffy fur. They welcome you to follow their daily escapades on their profile.

Kira Griffin expressed her admiration for the beauty of the cats and even mentioned that she would want to resemble them if she were a cat.


Meet Lotus, a gorgeous Swedish feline with a beautiful cream coat. He greets his potential followers on his Instagram page, where he regularly posts pictures of himself and occasionally his furry friends. With over 350k admirers following his every move, Lotus has become quite the sensation on Instagram.

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Hey there! I’m Bruno, a big and fluffy Maine coon cat hailing from Chile. Along with my siblings Leonidas and Linda, I’m living my best life here. My charming looks and cute ear tufts have earned me a loyal following of nearly 20k on Instagram.

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