Devoted Canine Refuses to Leave Injured Companion, Whimpers and Attempts to Revive Mate Following Accident

Heart-wrenching images have surfaced of a loyal dog protectively standing guard over its deceased companion and making futile attempts to revive it on a bustling street in China. The brown husky, who lay lifeless in the middle of the road, was tragically struck by a passing vehicle in Zhejiang Province on April 17.

Yesterday, in Nianli village of Quzhou city, a cream-coloured dog was seen pawing and barking at its deceased companion. The incident was reported by, an affiliate to People’s Daily Online. The distraught canine was eventually picked up by their owner.

On the road, a husky lay still with its cream-coloured companion keeping a watchful eye on it for over 30 minutes. The cream-coloured dog tried its best to revive the lifeless body of the husky by pawing at it with urgency.

The Pear Video shared a heart-wrenching clip of a sad dog trying to wake up its deceased companion lying on the road. The pooch expressed its grief and helplessness as cars kept passing by. Despite a small crowd gathering around, no one could provide any insight into what caused the fatal accident.

After approximately 30 minutes elapsed, a lady donning a black dress materialized and spoke out the name of the husky.

While she was on duty, a police officer approached her and inquired, “Do you happen to be the dogs’ owner?” to which she responded affirmatively.

As the owner carried the lifeless body of their furry companion to the roadside and sought help, the beige dog trailed along in sorrowful obedience.

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