“Beyond Fluffy: The Irresistibly Gentle Giants of Maine Coon Cats”

Maine Coon cats are renowned for their impressive size, making them the largest domesticated cat breed in the world. However, there’s more to these regal felines than just their size. In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating history of the Maine Coon, explore their unique characteristics, and answer all your burning questions about having one as a pet. We’ll also discuss why they stand out from other cats and whether or not they’re a rare breed. And, of course, we couldn’t forget to include a photo gallery showcasing these adorable cats in all their real-life glory, so you can see for yourself just how big and beautiful they truly are.

Giant Kitty

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Tarun posted a comment 7 years ago stating that dogs might be prone to heart attacks. This sparked a discussion with 73 replies and more comments following. Another post shows a photo of a Maine Coon cat, looking magnificent.

Maine Coon Cat Looking Magnificent

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The Maine Coon cat has a fascinating history that is clouded with uncertainty. There are various myths surrounding this breed’s origin, including one that suggests it was produced by crossbreeding cats and raccoons, which is scientifically impossible. Another story claims that the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, tried to escape execution with her beloved Turkish Angora cats but failed. It is believed that the cats that survived the journey landed in Wiscasset, Maine, where they began to breed and thrive, which could explain why the breed is known as Maine Coon.

Maine Coon In Winter

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EdvinKuric shared that he has a cat with similar colors as the one in the photo, although his is smaller and younger as they found him on the street. He mentioned that his cat is almost as big as his friend’s full-grown tabby.

Girl With A Beautiful Maine Coon Cat

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BrianJansen, who posted a comment seven years ago, expressed how he thought Maine Coons looked like something out of a storybook. While this breed was popular in cat shows during the 19th century, its population dwindled due to the introduction of long-haired cats from other countries in the 20th century. However, Maine Coons are now the third most popular cat breed around the world and are not considered rare. The International Cat Breeding Association lists hundreds of certified breeds in the United States alone. The price of a purebred, 10-week-old Maine Coon kitten varies depending on location, breeder, and color, but it can range from $1000 to $2000. For some owners, like the person behind post #5, their Maine Coon is an integral part of their family.

Our Maine Coon Is A Part Of Our Family



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Seven years ago, FlorentinaLestaru shared her fear of Maine Coon Cats on a forum. She expressed that if they are as quick and moody as regular-sized cats, she would be scared of them. The comment received 43 replies with people sharing their thoughts on the matter.

Maine Coon Cat


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The commenter, DanPeterson, points out that the cat in the photo is not a Persian breed due to its elongated snout and “M” coloring on its forehead. They suggest that it is instead a Maine Coon breed. Maine Coons are known for their large size, sociable and dog-like temperament, long-haired coats, strong jawlines, and bushy tails. Their coat colors can vary widely and they are well-adapted to colder climates. Male Maine Coons can weigh up to 18 pounds while females range from 8 to 12 pounds. They can also reach lengths of up to 38 inches, including their tails. The longest cat on record, named Stewie, was a Maine Coon measuring 48.5 inches from nose to tail. The original post includes a photo of a huge Maine Coon at the vet.

Huge Maine Coon At The Vet




Shaun Stafford commented 7 years ago, expressing that the cat in the picture looks similar to a lion. This comment received 53 replies, and viewers can see more comments by clicking the “View More Replies” button. The cat in the picture is a Maine Coon.

Maine Coon Cat

The post titled “stinkylinkydingdong” has been reported with a total of 169 points.

ShaunStafford expressed his need for a Maine Coon cat seven years ago, and it is safe to say that they make good pets. Despite being big in size and resembling majestic creatures of the forest, Maine Coons adapt well to indoor living. Their above-average intelligence, trainability, and gentle nature make them great pets. Although they are not typical lap cats, they are relaxed around dogs, other cats, and kids. Surprisingly, Maine Coons enjoy water! However, before adopting one, it is wise to note that they can be quite vocal, yowling, howling, trilling, and chirping frequently. It is best to check with family and neighbors if they are comfortable having a vocal pet around. The image on the post is of a fluffy grey Maine Coon cat.

Fluffy Grey Maine Coon Cat

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RebeccaCook complimented the remarkable coloring of the subject in the post. Many people, including RebeccaCook, commented on the post, and the tenth comment mentioned that Maine Coons are known for their exceptionally long bodies.

Maine Coons Are Super Long

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Mikaël Malka expressed their enthusiasm with a simple “roar!” seven years ago, which has since generated 41 replies. The post was a brief introduction to Maine Coon cats, but if you want to see more of these beautiful felines, there is an article on Maine Coons as captured by photographer Robert Sijka. The accompanying hashtag was #11 Maine Coon Cat.

Maine Coon Cat




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DanWorcester had claimed the title of “King of the apartment” seven years ago, according to his comment on the thread. The comment received 52 replies and several more comments from other users. One user, Giant Kitty, was among those who engaged in the discussion.

Giant Kitty


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CindyRock expressed her admiration for the unique features of the cat in the photo, including its toe feathers and pointy ears. Many others commented as well. The cat appears to be long and fluffy.

One Long And Fluffy Cat

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IvanaAnavi expressed their delight about the photo with a casual and positive tone, using the word “adorable” to describe it. Several other users also left comments on the post. The photo features a Maine Coon cat in a winter setting.

Maine Coon In Winter

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CarolinePredic left a comment on a post that she really liked. She expressed her admiration for the colors and how she found the cat to be superb. There were 28 replies to her comment. The post was about the size of Maine Coon cats, and it showed a picture of one.

That's How Big Maine Coon Cats Are!




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ShaunStafford commented seven years ago and expressed his surprise at seeing a chubby cat. The Maine Coon Cat breed was being discussed in the thread. There were 37 replies to the comment, and more comments followed.

Maine Coon Cat




AnaMaria wrote a comment seven years ago that simply said “I’m an airplane.” A total of 39 people replied to this comment. One of the comments was about a Maine Coon cat with a magnificent tail.

Maine Coon Cat With A Magnificent Tail

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MelissaApple expressed her admiration for a feline’s impressive tail in a comment posted seven years ago. The photo that sparked her reaction features a Maine Coon cat peacefully sleeping. The post has received 46 replies, with several others chiming in with their own thoughts and reactions. The photo is designated as entry number 18.

Snoozing Maine Coon Cat




MaryF expressed her enthusiasm over the adorable legs of a cute feline named Max, who happens to be a four-month-old polydactyl Maine Coon. The comment section also contains 22 replies where people have shared their own opinions on Max’s cuteness.

Max, My 4 Month Old Poly Maine Coon

Lilnoo’s report has received 83 points on the forum.

LynneWood, a user from seven years ago, identified the cat in question as a polydactyl Maine Coon. These cats have the potential to possess extra toes or thumbs, disproving the common belief that cats can’t have thumbs. There were 26 replies to this comment and more comments following. The post featured a Maine Coon cat and kitten.

Maine Coon Cat And Kitten

Chris Scott


82 points


Mikaël Malka wrote a brief comment about cats and their smell. Although it was short, it gained attention with 20 people responding to it. The discussion continued with the topic of Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coon

Julie Celik’s report has been scored with 80 points.

It appears that this delightful feline resembles a majestic tiger!

My Friend's Fabulous Maine Coon


Saucyremix Report, Scored 78 Points

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MonicaClark commented on this post 7 years ago, expressing her admiration for the beautiful color of the Maine Coon Cat featured in the post. There were 25 responses to her comment, indicating a high level of engagement and interest in the topic.

Maine Coon Cat




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From seven years ago, the writer with the email address [email protected] expressed their love for something, and claimed to be a queen. There were also 17 replies and more comments to view. Additionally, there is a mention of a fluffy Maine Coon cat.

Fluffy Maine Coon Cat

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Kathy Shaw expressed her amazement in a comment made 7 years ago. She simply wrote “Wow!” and received 13 replies. The 25th comment was from someone called Huge Coon Cat.

Huge Coon Cat




Seven years ago, a user named SonjaPierce posted a comment featuring the name “Bubba” and an emoticon of a smiling face. The post received 14 replies, and one of them was an image of a Maine Coon on a bed.

Maine Coon On The Bed

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DeeBaulch wrote this comment 7 years ago, stating that Madame is ready to meet you with a smiley face emoji. The post has received 28 replies so far, and one of them is from a user named Maine Coon Cat.

Maine Coon Cat

Olivier Bigot


54 points


JennieSvensson posted a comment 7 years ago about “Butt fluff” on an unknown platform. There were 30 replies to this comment, with more comments visible upon scrolling down. The topic was related to Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coon Cat

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JoleneCharlton made a comment 7 years ago, stating that the guy in the picture looks like her Maine Coon cat. The post received 12 replies, with someone requesting to be fed.

Feed Me Please!


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Melisa Wamsher’s post

Wow, that cat is really tall/long like Batman! It’s incredible to see how big Maine Coon cats can get.

Maine Coon Cat

My report is regarding my pet cat, Mylo, who is a Maine Coon breed. He is a lovely and fascinating creature, weighing around 20 pounds, with soft and fluffy fur; he is a joy to behold.

Mylo is a very friendly cat and enjoys spending time with people. He greets everyone that comes into our house, and loves to cuddle up with us on the couch or in our bed. He also has a playful side and enjoys playing with toys and running around the house.

As a Maine Coon, Mylo has some distinct characteristics, such as his large size, long hair, and ear tufts. His coat requires regular grooming, but it’s worth it for the beauty of his fur. He is also known for his intelligence and trainability, and we have been able to teach him various tricks over time.

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GillianRoffe shared a photo of her beloved cat, Molly, on this forum 7 years ago. She expressed that Maine Coon cats, like Molly, are fantastic pets to have. Many others agreed with her statement and left comments on the post. One particular photo, posted as comment #31, showcases a close-up of a beautiful Maine Coon cat.

Close Up Maine Coon Photo

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Kathy Shaw commented on a post about Maine Coon cats seven years ago and gave the letter grade “B!” as her response. There were 12 replies to her comment. The post was about Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coon Cat

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Seven years ago, JenniferOldham shared a post about her beloved Maine Coon cat, whom she affectionately referred to as “Mama’s fluffy baby.” The post received 11 replies, and many more comments can be found if you view the conversation. The Maine Coon breed is known for its large size and fluffy fur, making them popular pets for those who love cuddly companions.

Maine Coon Cat




Scored 44 points


Four years ago, Faith Nicole posted a comment expressing her admiration for a Maine Coon cat’s confident demeanor as it looked back with pride. The cat appears to know that it is the best, and this attitude is expressed in its body language. There were 14 replies to this comment, with many other people expressing their own love for Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coon Cat


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Mikaël Malka, seven years ago, commented on this thread with the phrase “old soul” in reference to someone or something. Maxamus was one of eighteen people who replied to this comment.




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Jeffrey Abbott’s message

JeffreyAbbott, the person who submitted the comment, made a humorous remark about his height being 6 foot 4 inches tall. The comment section has 26 replies and many more comments can be viewed. One of the topics discussed is about Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coon Cat






DeeBaulch posted a comment 7 years ago, expressing her amazement at the huge whiskers of a Maine Coon Cat. The post received 12 replies, with many more comments shared.

Maine Coon Cat








AnaMaria expressed surprise and excitement in her comment from seven years ago by saying “ups!! doctor!!! giii.” There were eight replies to her comment, and if you want to see more comments, you can view them on the thread. One of the replies was from a user named Maine Coon.

Maine Coon

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Rhon, who left a comment seven years ago, suggests that the Maine Coon Cat featured in the post could use a good brushing. Many other users have also replied to the post with their own comments.

Maine Coon Cat

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DeeBaulch commented on the photo, admiring the Maine Coon Cat’s fluffy feet.

Maine Coon Cat



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Maine Coon Cat



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[email protected]
7 years ago
How many pounds is that big one?


View more comments

Sleepy Maine Coon

The email address [email protected] left a comment seven years ago, asking about the weight of a large object. In response, someone said it weighed seven pounds. This comment was made in reference to a post or conversation thread that featured a sleepy Maine Coon, a breed of domestic cat known for their large size and fluffy fur. There are likely more comments and replies following this one, but they are not visible in the current view.

Sleepy Maine Coon

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Barbara Jones commented seven years ago that she found the cat in the picture similar to her Monster, except for the length of the hair. She thinks that the cat might be a half Maine Coon since it weighs only 38 pounds and has short hair.

Rocky The Maine Coon Cat


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Sarah Bostwick’s post.

Seven years back, Rosalita D’Aloia commented on how beautiful the Maine Coon looks next to another cat. Her comment received ten likes, and there were several other comments following hers. The post number was #44.

Maine Coon Next To Another Cat


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It’s only when you compare them to an ordinary cat that you truly realize how big they are. – Fred Smiff, 7 years ago.

Lord Tiron


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David Gusev’s post on social media.

Seven years ago, CatherineGillam expressed her excitement over a photo of a Maine Coon cat, admiring its adorable eyes. The comment section has since received sixteen replies from other users.

Maine Coon Cat

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Back in the day, someone with the email address [email protected] expressed their admiration for a particular color. They likened it to the cream hue of a palomino horse rather than the orange tabby shade. It was a stunning observation. Several people commented on the post. And for those who are interested in cats, there was also a post about a Maine Coon cat.

Maine Coon Cat

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Maine Coon Cat



31 Points


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Seven years ago, Rosalita D’Aloia left a comment on a post that expressed her admiration for its beauty. Several other individuals also commented, one of which mentioned a little baby Maine Coon.

Little Baby Maine Coon

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Maria (Author of the post)

This photo was captured when my beloved pet was almost 7 months old, and it brings back precious memories from 7 years ago.

11 people have responded to this post. You can read their comments below.

The Adorable 22lb Furry Friend

My 22lb Love Bug


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Back in the day, I stumbled upon a photo that’s just too adorable not to share. It features a Maine Coon mix named Nova who was 13 years old at the time. Nova was a massive cat, weighing 22 pounds and measuring 3.5 feet long. The image made me gush and melt inside! Many people commented on the post, expressing their love for the feline.

Nova, My 13- Year Old Maine Coon Mix- 22 Lbs. And 3.5 Feet Long


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