“Against all Odds: The Rescue Story of a Dog with Severed Nose”

Dog With Nose Cut Off Had Little Chance Of Surviving But Her Rescuers Refused To Give Up

Despite having little hope of survival due to the severity of her injuries, a dog with her nose cut off was rescued by individuals who were determined not to give up on her.

When Namtan the pup was found by rescuers, she had undergone terrible mistreatment, and her condition was hopeless with very little chance of survival. The poor dog had suffered severe nose injuries that left her unable to eat and starving. Fortunately, Namtan’s luck changed for the better when a group of elephant rescuers stumbled upon her.

The Save Elephant Foundation in Thailand is a renowned organization for its outstanding support of elephants. However, they have proved their kindness towards other animals as well. Recently, they came across Namtan, who was in urgent need of help. She was found on the street with her snout hanging from her face, which appeared to be severed, possibly by a knife or machete. The foundation’s team could not ignore her suffering and decided to rescue her.

Namtan struggled with eating, and the scarcity of food led her to resort to consuming her own waste. Her rescuers faced a challenge in finding a veterinarian willing to take on the complex procedure that could save her life. Multiple vets expressed concerns about the difficulty of the operation given the elapsed time since her accident. After an extensive search, they finally found a vet who was willing to undertake the challenging task of saving Namtan’s life.

It’s amazing to see Namtan alive and well after her surgery, thanks to the heroic efforts of the surgeon who saved her life. Seeing her up and about again was such a relief and she seems eager to get back to her normal routine. Her injury has healed beautifully, and she is now living happily at The Elephant Park Sanctuary, where she receives loving care from her rescuers.

Check out the video clip below to witness the amazing rescue and rehabilitation of the subject. Just a heads up, though, the video contains some graphic scenes that might not sit well with sensitive viewers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

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