A Surprising Encounter: Mistaking a Fast-Moving Creature in Water for an Otter, Only to Realize It’s a Cat!

Have you ever witnessed a cat taking a swim in a river? Ahmad Angoh, an avid fisherman, recently recounted his unexpected encounter with his third feline friend on the Facebook group “Kucing Sepahkan Apa Hari Ini?” (translated as “What Mess Did Your Cat Make Today?”).

The internet is buzzing about a recent viral post where Ahmad shares a heartwarming story that took place back in May 2019. While fishing with a friend in Kuantan, Ahmad was surprised to see a creature quickly approaching their boat. Initially mistaking it for an otter, he soon realized it was actually a tiny kitten! Ahmad quickly grabbed his net and scooped up the adorable feline, resulting in a hilarious photo that has been spreading smiles across the internet.

The feline was given the moniker ‘Sauk’, derived from the Malay word meaning ‘to scoop’. Upon her arrival, she was introduced to the other cats and they hit it off immediately. Now, Sauk has matured into a plump, adult cat who loves to lounge around and stretch out on the ground. You can’t help but chuckle at how she spreads out!

As we were wrapping up the conversation, Ahmad mentioned that Sauk had a message for all Malaysians. With a playful tone, Sauk meowed and Ahmad explained that it was the catto way of saying hello.

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