“A Feline in Need: Abandoned and Left with Instructions for Eye Treatment”

A stunning distressed lad was discovered in a container in Kikinda, together with medical supplies and directions. According to the Lina Animal Protection Association in Kikinda, he was found in Mokrin just two days later under the care of an animal caregiver.

The poor kitty was rushed to the veterinarian, but unfortunately, there was no sign of improvement. The owner then reached out to a group of volunteers, who kindly offered to take the feline to their own trusted veterinary clinic. Upon examination, the vet gave a grim diagnosis – the cat’s eyes were beyond saving.

Stitch, the kitten, was left with no sight as the infection had caused complete damage to both of his eyes. Due to his small size and delicate condition, surgery was out of the question. Instead, he received therapy to prevent any further deterioration until the next follow-up. Despite his predicament, Stitch remained adorable and loveable.

In early June, we took our kitten to get surgery. Sadly, one of its eyes had to be removed, however, the other eye was able to receive treatment. It’s been a few weeks now and I can happily say that Stich is doing great! He’s just as adorable as ever.

Staying put seems to be quite a challenge for him as he tends to cause some sort of commotion on a daily basis, but his charm always manages to get him out of trouble. He’s a curious little kitten that never seems to tire of exploring. Recently, the most adorable feline in existence received its initial vaccine.

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